The Artist

Down to Earth in Texas

The crows are loud today,
screaming out in their scratchy voices,
while the Texas wind blows
enough to make its own language.

This curious combination,
the crows and the wind,
remind me of healthy argument
among friends.

Little donkeys graze in pastures nearby.
Their snorts and whinnies
harmonize with this curious chorus of
whistling wind and screeching crows.

While, in my studio I sit,
distracted, and pleased to be,
by such sights and sounds,
feeling quite at home
among friends.

Ben and I recently made a move from south central Oklahoma to north central Texas, where just like Oklahoma, there is always, if not a wind, at least a good breeze. Even though Fort Worth is only a half-hour drive east, the pasture across the road from the house is full of Texas Longhorns and I’m still surrounded by hilly pastures with ponds and trees, horses, little donkeys, and cattle. In the evenings, I can still hear the howls and yips of coyotes and, in the early mornings, enjoy the dawn chorus of the birds. Many continue their songs during my work hours. It’s a wonder I get any designing and beading done!

I’ve worked in offices, had my own upholstery business, taught high school Spanish, reared two children, have a wonderful husband with whom I share four granddaughters and a grandson. We also still have our three faithful and dedicated ranch dogs. My studio is in my home which is, as you may well have realized, nearly in the middle of a pasture, surrounded by trees and mostly blue skies. I’m entrenched with nature, its sights and sounds, its quiet, its calm.

I got hooked on beads while Ben and I lived in Oklahoma. A neighbor who raises Arabian horses and is a bead artist in her own right introduced me to the very addictive art form of beading. While Ben was building country homes I turned my favorite pastime into an internet business. I chose as my medium semi-precious stones, pearls, sterling silver, and copper because they are elements from the Earth. And I personally appreciate the sense of quality and earthiness they radiate as they become art in the form of jewelry. I love to design a new piece as well as handle the small tools I use to put it all together. It’s an art expression that fits me.

And so, from a lady who works at keeping both feet on the ground, beading away to deliver quality jewelry you will enjoy and appreciate for many years, I send to you a piece of the Earth in a special art form with hopes that we all enjoy harmonious and balanced lives, in tune with ourselves, those around us, and the lovely Earth we share. Thank you for visiting my web site; come again soon.

Sharon McPherson

165 Canyon Creek Ct. Weatherford, Texas 76087 Toll-free: 1-866-255-3597