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  Down to Earth Jewelry :: Women's Amber Beaded Jewelry

Amber: Beads of Gold

Over 40 million years ago in Northern Europe, resin from pine trees fossilized becoming what we know today as Baltic amber. It’s color ranges from golden honey hues to rich golden reds. Sometimes it includes a plant or insect fossil, thus making the amber highly prized. In Tibet, amber is valued as pure gold. Baltic amber is mined in Lithuania, Poland, Sicily, Burma, Mexico, Japan and Dominican Republic. Over millions of years, amber has become submerged under the sea and will become dislodged during a storm. In the medieval period, amber floating in the sea was gathered in nets and traded or used for fine jewelry. A treasured lump of amber might wash up on a beach in England or Denmark today.

How does one tell the difference between genuine amber and plastic? Put amber in a bowl of water and dissolve salt until it will dissolve no more. Add the amber; if it sinks, it is plastic, if it floats, it is true amber. You may also test the authenticity of amber by rubbing your finger vigorously against the amber until it becomes hot. Quickly sniff the amber; it should smell piney and resinous.

  Women's Amber Beaded Jewelry
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